Help NightStryke get to Tulsa!

So good news I'm still making my best efforts to get to Tulsa and I'm doing everything I can possibly think of to try to raise enough funds to do so!

Now the bad news unfortunately Indiegogo took out more in Fees than I was expecting from the Campaign so I'm short. While this isn't too much of a problem, but I could really use the help of everyone to get through this last hurdle. Indiegogo wouldn't let me extend the Campaign so I have to go this route.

NOTE: TARGET TULSA Stickers Will Be Sent Out As Soon as Orders are Received, there are only a limited quantity left.

Buy a #TargetTulsa Sticker!

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Check out my #TargetTulsa Campaign on Indiegogo

#TargetTulsa Campaign

On April 4th 2018 - NightStryke made it to Tulsa!

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